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Freight Brokerage

A freight broker is an intermediary between a shipper and a freight service provider. Freight brokers can specialize in certain types of freight, such as equipment hauling on lowboys, oversize, bulk tanker, auto, or other types of freight transportation.

A freight broker, in freight transport (cargo), over land in the United States by truck is often used as part of the logistics. This may be part of an overall shipbroking using a cargo broker, a freight forwarder, third party logistics broker (3PL), and even a fourth-party broker, when outsourcing is needed (as opposed to in-house) for freight transportation. The brokering can be single mode or by multimodal transportation and can use specialized brokers on a permanent basis or as needed to ensure timely traffic management.

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What Our Clients Says About Us


Our Experience Your advantage

Get to witness a new level of transportation procedures as simplified & straightened as you would come to expect of us.
It’s responsive, it’s rapid, it’s accurate, it’s timely, and it’s laudable.


Our efficient driving force makes on time deliveries possible across the lengths & breadths of the nation. It’s our professional training coupled with the expertise of our driving staff that gives rise to our services beyond excellence. From pickup to drop off, it’s efficiency & proficiency all the way.


Whatever the destination, whatever the route, whatever the truckload, staying ultrasensitive to the set schedule to capacitate delivery on time happens to be one of our core values. For this purpose you can count on us, always.


For its clients West UA Transport is a full logistics company from A to Z that is more of a horizon where quality of services meets affordability, speed of delivery meets inclemency of weather and absolute truckload meets intensely careful handling. It’s in here where a perfect union between the opposites exists.

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